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If you just surfed on in here looking for a guild to join, you can stop reading and move on to the next candidate on your list. We're not recruiting. If you on the other hand were told by one of our members to come here, you are of course very welcome.

No, we're not really a guild full of assholes, but we are indeed only recruiting people we know and - at least to a certain extent - trust. This is a "friends and friend's friends" guild, and we like it that way.

So in short, in order to join, you need to know one of our existing members, and that member needs to explicitly vouch for your membership.

You might not believe it at this point, but once you get past the initial bullshit attitude, we are actually a pretty good bunch of people. But, since you got here to begin with chances are that you already know that, because you already know us and we already know you, and you just want to check the forums or place an application. In which case you probably didn't even bother to read this at all. ;)

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